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Northern Ireland to miss Easter snow

By David Young

As Scotland wraps up warm against snowfalls this Easter, Northern Ireland is set to escape the return of wintry weather over the holiday weekend.

Met Office forecaster Chris Page said our mountains are just not high enough for the kind of snow flurries forecast for the Grampian range across the North Channel.

"Even if you were at the very top of the highest mountain in Northern Ireland, you would be very lucky to see even one snowflake," he added.

Instead our Easter weekend is forecast to be "bright with a few showers".

Scattered showers are expected this morning, which may ease during the afternoon.

It will feel cold with fresh winds despite the sunny spells, but cloud will increase from the west from late afternoon.

Sunday will see more rain, while Monday and Tuesday will be more settled, albeit with overnight frost.

Mr Page said that at this time of year a lot of our weather can be influenced by wind direction.

"Last weekend we had a lot of wind from the south which was warm and coming from France and we had 25.5C in Cambridge on April 9, the hottest day of the year so far. This weekend is a different kettle of fish with winds coming in from the north, as it is a lot cooler and a lot colder."

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