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Northern Ireland to miss out on UK weekend heatwave

England set for hottest day in July on record

By Gillian Halliday

Sunseekers in Northern Ireland are set to miss out on the record-breaking temperatures forecast for mainland UK on Friday.

The Met Office said yesterday that while south-east England could see the hottest ever July day on record, the current forecast for the province will be in sharp contrast - disappointing those who have enjoyed basking in Northern Ireland's recent heatwave.

Outbreaks of showers - especially in the west of Northern Ireland are forecast for Friday - and while it will be brighter on Saturday, spells of rain will return on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a sizzling 36C is forecast for the south east, although eastern and northern parts of England are expected to get some slight relief from the scorching heat.

The current record to break is the high of 36.7 degrees, reached at Heathrow in 2015.

The all-time UK high was set 12 years earlier when a temperature of 38.5 degrees was recorded in August 2003.

And while mercury levels in Northern Ireland are not expected to hit anywhere near as high, the upside to being on this side of the Irish Sea means avoiding the risk of being caught in the middle of thunderstorms.

Torrential rain is forecast for eastern and northern parts of England on Friday afternoon after weeks without rain.

As much as 30mm is expected to fall in just an hour.

Alongside the heavy downpours, there is a chance of hail and strong winds as temperatures could drop back to high 20s, meteorologist Alex Burkill said.

Ahead of the weekend, the UK hotspot was Cavendish in Suffolk, which experienced a high of 31.4C on Tuesday - a whopping 23C higher than the lowest recorded at Drumnadrochit in the Scottish Highlands, where temperatures didn't exceed 8C.

The prolonged hot spell also saw the public warned this week to avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm throughout England. Reservoirs are also running dry in what is overall, the driest half of summer on record for the UK, with just 47mm of rain failing between June 1 and July 16.

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