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Northern Ireland tourist killed by drink-driver in Majorca

By Conor Feehan and Gerard Couzens

A man from Northern Ireland has been killed after being hit by a suspected drink-driver in Magaluf in Majorca.

The victim, who was named only as A O'Bryan by local police, was struck by a car on the Calle Pinada, off the Calle Punta Ballena, at around 3am yesterday.

Police arrested a Spanish citizen who reportedly tested positive for alcohol and drugs, according to the Majorca Daily Bulletin news website.

Emergency services rushed to the scene where paramedics spent approximately 30 minutes attending to the 40-year-old. However, he was pronounced dead shortly after 3.30am.

Local police sources say the man was struck by a car and dragged more than 10 metres. Medics were on the scene rapidly.

It is believed the victim arrived on Saturday with a group of people to spend the weekend there.

A spokeswoman for Calvia Council said the driver of the vehicle involved, who is Spanish and comes from the island capital Palma, had been arrested for manslaughter and for driving under the influence of alcohol.

"He failed both drink and drugs tests," she said. "The vehicle was apparently seen being driven aggressively through the streets of Magaluf just beforehand."

She said the dead man was from Northern Ireland.

A taxi driver witnessed what happened and called the police.

The Guardia Civil confirmed the car, a Ford Focus, was seen being driven erratically in the area prior to the incident.

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