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Northern Ireland tourist shot in Spain was caught in gang war crossfire

A Northern Ireland man has been shot after getting caught in the crossfire of a gangland shooting in Spain

The Derry Journal reports Shaun McGavigan (41) was shot in the leg at the start of the month.

He had been holidaying in the Spanish resort of Benidorm with partner Julie Smyth at the start of the month. They were walking in the New Town area - in the heart of the nightclub district - when a huge fight broke out in front of them involving around 30 people.

Julie said they were fighting "like animals" throwing chairs at each other sparking a mass panic. As the couple ran down the street with other innocent bystanders to flee the scene they heard four shots before Shaun called out he had been hit.

"Then I saw all the blood. It was awful," said Julie speaking of her relief after returning home.

She called out for help and other holiday-makers rushed to help with first aid.

Shaun had been shot in the leg but luckily the bullet missed a major artery and bones and he was discharged from hospital the following day although he was left in severe pain.

On his arrival home last weekend, Shaun was treated at Altnagelvin hospital in Derry.

Spanish police said the incident was "drug mafia" related and Shaun was among three others injured. All their injuries were described as not life threatening.

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