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Northern Ireland turns from sun-drenched to rain-drenched in just 24 hours

By Lesley Houston

What a difference a day makes.

Just 24 hours after the sun-drenched strip of Portstewart beach brought a rare day of seasonal summer weather to Northern Ireland, it was a very different picture.

On Tuesday, as the top photograph shows, the Blue Flag beach attracted hundreds of daytrippers and sunworshippers anxious to indulge in its miles of pristine golden sand, rolling dunes and opportunities for water sports.

Hordes of families had thronged the strand, basking in temperatures which soared way into the 20s, soaking up the rays we've seen very little of all summer.

Yesterday it was a very different picture, as the sad image below it illustrates, showing an empty, barren, cloud-covered and rain-sodden beach, looking a world away from the scenes of fun in the sun of just a day before.

A few brave souls turned up yesterday to find they had the pick of parking spaces, and the whole empty strand to themselves.

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