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Northern Ireland twins struck down with meningitis battle back to raise awareness

Seth and Reece Burrows
Seth and Reece Burrows

Northern Ireland twins who were struck down with meningitis are helping a national charity to fight back against the devastating disease with its latest fundraising campaign.

Seth and Reece Burrows, now aged 7, from Bambridge in County Down, are two of five youngsters from across the UK launching this year's Meningitis Now Toddle Waddle and encouraging other families, nurseries and toddler groups to sign up and hold their own event.

Both boys fell ill with meningitis at just a few weeks old in 2010 but whereas Seth thankfully went on to make a good recovery Reece has been left with severe and life-limiting after-effects.

Mum Dawn said: “Both the twins were off form, a bit off colour and not feeding great.

“This went on for two days before a trip in a blue light ambulance down the road on the longest journey ever.

“I can’t begin to tell you exactly what went through our heads as we were running between the twins, one in picu and one on the ward, willing them both to survive,” Dawn added.

“Now, the twins, although so alike, have so many differences because of meningitis.

“Seth thankfully has no complications and has made a full recovery. He has adopted a caring role for his twin.

“Reece has been left severely brain damaged, blind, epileptic and has a host of other complications that have unfortunately left him as life-limited child.”

The twins feature in the charity’s Toddle Waddle pack, where their likenesses have been captured by top illustrator Rebecca Canavan.

They are shown cuddling a teddy and go karting because Reece is happiest out and about in his wheelchair or playing with his teddy bear, giving him cuddles and seeing if he can fly, while Seth loves to be outdoors, running about or on his go kart.

Toddle Waddle is a fun, short, sponsored walk for little feet, although everyone is welcome to join in. It aims to raise awareness and funds and all the money raised helps Meningitis Now to save lives and rebuild futures through its research, awareness and support work.

They can be held wherever and whenever organisers want although the charity is hoping as many people as possible will stage theirs between 4 and 10 June – National Waddle Week.

For more information on meningitis and the work of Meningitis Now or to donate visit

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