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Northern Ireland waves goodbye to bank holiday heat as wet weather returns


By Rebecca Black

Northern Ireland may have enjoyed one of the warmest days of the year yesterday - but don't switch to a summer wardrobe just yet.

A cooler, wetter front is pushing in from the west, meaning the coming days are likely to be chillier.

Belfast and Katesbridge in Co Down were our local hotspots yesterday, with temperatures reaching a pleasant 18C.

However, this morning is set to feel very different, according to a Met Office forecaster, with a front pushing in from the Atlantic overnight.

She explained: "That is going to bring some thickening cloud and outbreaks of rain this morning. It will be a wet start to the day, a very different feel to things. The main thing that will be noticeable this week will be the downward trend in temperatures.

"There is another front pushing in for tomorrow morning, another cloudy and probably quite wet start to the day, sunshine and showers on Thursday and then yet another front bringing in yet more cloud and rain for Friday."

The UK has just enjoyed the hottest early May Bank Holiday weekend on record.

The mercury hit 28.7C in Northolt, west London, yesterday afternoon - just nudging past the previous record in 1995, when temperatures peaked on the Saturday at 28.6C.

The soaring temperatures also make it the hottest Bank Holiday Monday since records began.

The early May Bank Holiday was introduced in 1978 and the temperature over the long weekend has never topped the 28C mark until yesterday.

The South East and central southern England experienced the most heat, with the majority of the UK seeing temperatures between 23C and 27C.

But the weather is set to become mixed as the month progresses and the May 19 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle draws near.

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