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Northern Ireland weather: Sunshine back in time for weekend

By Luke Barnes

Northern Ireland might not be basking in the same level of heat that has baked southern England, but we will not miss out completely either.

While there will be clouds today, some sunshine will be back just in time for the weekend.

The Met Office reported that there would be clouds and occasional showers in the western counties today, with a maximum temperature of 21C.

Friday will see the muggy air cool down, but the clouds are also likely to clear, leaving dry conditions and blue skies.

Saturday will be mainly dry and bright with a bit of light rain later in the afternoon.

Early morning rain on Sunday will clear to bright sunshine with a few pockets of rain.

While the temperatures are perfect for a day out, they will not match the late summer heatwave still rolling through the south of England.

Temperatures soared to 34.4C in Gravesend, Kent, on Tuesday, the hottest September day for the town in a more than a century.

The heat and tropical downpours caused chaos on the roads and forced Manchester City's Champions League match to be called off on Tuesday. Public Health England's Dr Thomas Waite said the organisation was stepping up its heat warnings.

"It's really important that we all think what we can do to make sure that older people, those with heart and lung conditions and those with very young children don't suffer too much heat," Mr Waite added.

The heatwave is likely to end on Friday.

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