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Northern Ireland weather warning with snow and ice to hit Friday commuters

The Met Office has issued a fresh weather warning with snow and ice set to hit commuters on their way to work on Friday.

Areas in the north and the east of the province are impacted, with patches of ice expected to develop on surfaces, pavements and cycle paths where showers wash off treatement.

The snow and ice yellow warning is in place from just after midnight on Thursday through until 9am on Friday.

The public are warned some injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces may happen.

A band of snow and rain is expected to move northeastwards across Northern Ireland on Thursday night and during Friday morning.

Snow is expected to fall in impacted areas for a period of time before turning into rain before dawn.

In more southern and western parts of Northern Ireland the risk is for rain to fall and to later be frozen into ice.

Other parts of the United Kingdom are facing more severe weather conditions.

Thousands of properties across the UK have lost power - although it has since been restored in many places - and heavy snow has caused disruption to transportation.

An orange warning is in place for the East Midlands, North West England, and Yorkshire & Humber from 4am on Friday until 11am.

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