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Northern Ireland weather: Yellow warning as fog causes yet more travel disruption

By David Young

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning as fog has yet again caused travel disruption on Friday.

Flights have been affected at both airports with the thick dense fog blanketing many parts of the province.

And roads have been slow throughout the morning rush.

The Met Office has said visibility will be reduced considerably before lifting later in the morning.

Police are advising people to take extra care on the roads.

The season of mists closed in on Belfast yesterday as a heavy autumnal fog cloaked the city from daybreak until mid-morning.

Visibility was down to just a few yards as commuters braced against the damp morning air made their way to work.

Ships and buildings loomed grey and ghost-like from the early morning mists, which were at their thickest along the banks of the Lagan.

But the sunshine quickly burned through the chilly morning murk, and as the temperature rose quickly, the hot sun and clear blue skies were a welcome reminder of the brief summer just past - as were the traditional pokes and sliders that soon made their appearance on Portstewart's busy promenade

The high-pressure weather system that is giving us this welcome week of clear, still, bright days, chilly nights and foggy dawns is set to last only until this coming Sunday.

After that, according to the Met Office experts, things will return to normal conditions for the time of year.

In other words, the winds will pick up, the rain clouds will gather, and the skies will return to their usual gunmetal grey. Enjoy the sun while it lasts.

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