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Northern Ireland woman shaves off all her hair to raise funds for Claws cat rescue charity

"I love it and wish I had done it years ago"

By Claire Williamson

Meet the woman who has shaved off all her long locks to raise vital funds for her cat rescue charity.

Deborah Boston (35) runs Claws, a rescue based in Kilkeel for cats and kittens, along with three others.

But with around 40 cats to look after and 16 permanent residents who can’t be re-homed, they are in need of donations.

And in their latest fundraising effort, Deborah decided to shave her hair off  - completely.

Deborah said: “Our aim is to help as many cats and kittens as we possibly can. We mainly deal with ferals and strays who need us. We take in all ages from newborn to elderly. We provide a safe environment for them to recover and receive vet treatment until they are ready to find a new home.

“We do home visits on any potential adoptees to make sure that it is a suitable home for the cat. We are private run therefore we rely on donations but the majority of bills comes out of our own pocket. We trap ferals and neuter them and return them to the area again to help reduce the breeding in feral colonies. We also provide food for the colonies and take any that require vet treatment.”

However, in a week, just for some of the 16 permanent residents, it costs around £38 just for litter. In addition to that, Claws can be spending up to £150 a week on supplies. And as they rely on donations - there just isn’t enough coming in.

Deborah’s hair was right down to her lower back, but speaking ahead of the chop she said while it would be a shock, she didn't think it would impact her too much, as the cats are more important. She is donating her hair to a cancer charity.

She told the Belfast Telegraph: “I don’t know what inspired me to do this, I used to be the type of person that would go to the same hairdresser because I was worried they wouldn’t do my hair the way I wanted and I’d look stupid.

“And I’ve come to the stage where I think, cats don’t care if I have hair, so I’m shaving it for them, but it will be donated to a cancer charity.

“My hair has always been past my shoulders, but this is the longest it’s ever got. "

She added: “I don’t mind, the cats are more important than what my hair looks like.”

She shaved her hair off on May 31 and says she loves her new look.

"I love it and wish I had done it years ago."

If you wish to donate visit here

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