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Northern Ireland woman's warning after man exposes himself to her in public


Thomas Street in Armagh. Picture: Google Maps

Thomas Street in Armagh. Picture: Google Maps

Thomas Street in Armagh. Picture: Google Maps

A Northern Ireland mother-of-two has spoken of her horror after a man masturbated in front of her as she walked home late one evening.

It happened shortly before 11pm on Ogle Street in Armagh on Saturday night when the young woman, who did not wish to be named, encountered the man as she walked home via Thomas Street.

Speaking to the Armagh i, the woman said she met a man dressed in a tracksuit as she passed local shops Euro Spar and Lucky’s bingo hall in the area.

“He walked up to the entrance before stopping to look across the road at me,” she said.

“He then proceeded to pull the front of his tracksuit bottoms down and expose himself to me, luckily I was on the phone as I was alone at the time.

“I started to walk as fast as I could towards Chapel Lane as I live on Irish Street and needed to access my house through the back door.

“As I walked further away from the man, he changed his stance to keep eye contact with me and then started to arouse himself and for lack of a better word ‘shake’ his penis while blankly staring at me.

“He did not laugh or act like this was a joke gone wrong but held an intimidating stare. This man was clearly acting like a sexual deviant and could possibly even capable of more deviant acts or even assault.”

The woman, who has two children aged six and four, said she wanted to raise awareness for younger girls in the area.

She said: “This alley way is a known hotspot for locals to drink, or use drugs, and I am scared of hearing something worse has happened in the future.

“I just feel responsible and need to raise awareness of the danger.

“I am genuinely frightened for other women and young teens that walk around there.”

She also appealed for the lack of public street lighting in the area to be addressed.

“The alleyway hasn’t one single street light,” she said. “I am a local and have lived minutes away from this alley my whole life and in my teens have unknowingly walked in to drug use, drinking, sexual acts and have seen it used as some sort of horrendous playground for misconduct by locals and ‘adults’.

“It’s about time something is done as it’s such a public area and a thoroughfare used by many, many people every day.”

The PSNI has said they received no report of the incident.

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