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Northern Ireland's £200 in disposable cash third worst in UK

By Amanda Ferguson

People in Northern Ireland have just £200 of disposable income to play with every month – although that's still a big improvement since April, a new report has revealed.

According to the latest Disposable Income Index by ISA provider Scottish Friendly, we are languishing third from the bottom of the UK league table for money left over each month after paying essential bills.

Scotland and London topped the table with a disposable income of £263 each month, while people in Northern Ireland are on £196. That's £23 under the national average of £219.

The only other regions to fare worse than here are Wales at £193 and the North East at £182. However, in April Northern Ireland was bottom of the table, with only around £125 disposable income.

The new report, which examines the UK's attitude towards saving and investing, indicates people have seen a 3% rise in their disposable income over the last quarter. On average, people in the UK now have 8% of their take home salary left each month, up from 5% since last quarter.

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