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Northern Ireland's crime rate now at a 15-year low

Overall crime figures across Northern Ireland are at a 15-year low, it has been revealed.

Crime across Northern Ireland has dropped by 2.9%, falling by 3,000 to 100,389 offences in 2012/13, according to annual crime statistics released by the PSNI.

Dr Graeme Ellison, a criminologist from Queen's University Belfast, said 3,000 less crimes did not represent a huge drop.

"Financial austerity can actually reduce crime because it means you are at home more."

Chief Constable Matt Baggott said: "I am very pleased that reported crime has now fallen to a 15-year low.

"Every day, police officers and police staff work tirelessly across Northern Ireland, to keep people safe and this shows that their courage, commitment and determination is making a real difference."

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