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Northern Ireland's parties 'need to do more for Troubles survivors'

By Rebecca Black

A leading victims group has said all the parties running for election in Northern Ireland need to do more for survivors of the Troubles.

Innocent Victims United (IVU) has called on political parties to commit themselves publicly to extending the current 10-year strategy on victims, due to expire in 2019.

IVU spokesman Kenny Donaldson said the fact the strategy is approaching its deadline has caused concern.

"The Commission for Victims and Survivors recently held a conference in Belfast to review the strategy," he said.

"The current strategy is long past its sell-by date and needs revising."

Mr Donaldson criticised the strategy for leaving victims and survivors "being short-changed and denied equality of service provision".

Nor does it refer to impending changes as a result of the Stormont House Agreement, mechanisms to be established to deal with the past, the Mental Trauma Service, or pensions for the seriously injured, he said.

"The level of individuals presenting with PTSD is rising, not waning, and this is reflective of the experience of other nations whose citizens have been afflicted by such issues through their exposure to terror or war," he added.

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