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Northern Ireland's soggy and wet days are replaced by doggy days as rain lifts

By Claire Williamson

It's the calm after the storm.

Across the province people had braced themselves as the 'amber' weather warning sparked fears of flooding.

On Thursday sandbags were deployed as residents moved to protect their homes after heavy rainfall hit home.

The severe weather warning caused havoc on the roads with fallen trees reducing traffic to slow crawling single files while localised flooding closed many routes. There was also a landslide on the Coast Road near White Rocks in Portrush.

But it seems for now the bad weather is behind us as the heavy rain appears to have lifted for the next few days.

According to the Met Office, today there will be a little bit of rain coming in the afternoon accompanied by some fairly light winds with the maximum temperature reaching nine degrees.

Tonight there will be dry, clear spells with a few mist patches and the chance of a touch of frost.

This will continue in to Sunday where it will be a mainly dry day with some more cloud and light winds creeping in. It will be brighter in the afternoon than it will be in the morning, with temperatures reaching 10 degrees.

Next week there promises to be a dry and bright start to the week with sunshine and showers coming in later in the day.

But don't pack your umbrellas away yet, because on Wednesday the hefty showers look set to make a return - while temperatures climb to 13 degrees in Belfast.

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