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Northern lights cast a spell over coastline

By Linda Stewart

It was the most spectacular display of the northern lights in our skies since St Patrick's Day, according to sky watchers who flocked to the north coast on Wednesday night.

The skies delivered, with scores of people capturing breathtaking images of the aurora borealis as it cast its shimmering light across the seascape.

Photographer Paul Moane described how he took stunning pictures of the light display over Dunluce Castle, the Giant's Causeway and Dunseverick Harbour.

"The aurora forecast gave quite strong rating last night for Northern Ireland and it really kicked off from about 8.30pm onwards," he said.

"Probably the best viewing was between eight and 10, though some did stay around for most of the night. But the early part of the evening was the most dramatic, producing lovely pillars of light which were very visible to the naked eye.

"It was the strongest night for the aurora since St Patrick's Day."

Around 30 people gathered at Dunluce to enjoy the spectacular lights, he said.

And if you missed the display, there are still likely to be chances ahead, with experts predicting that an increase in geomagnetic disturbances could result in more aurora activity in the next few weeks.

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