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Northern Trust holds its hands up on Antrim Area Hospital hygiene failings

By Nevin Farrell

The health trust in charge of a hospital that breached a catalogue of hygiene guidelines has conceded that the findings of inspectors were "unacceptable".

However, the Northern Trust said the unannounced inspection at Antrim Area Hospital did show areas of strength.

The trust was responding to yesterday's Belfast Telegraph report about the discovery of blood-stained walls and faeces on equipment during an inspection at Antrim Area earlier this year.

The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) raised a number of areas of concern after the unannounced inspection.

A trust spokeswoman said: "The trust fully accepts a small number of the findings were unacceptable. On the day of inspection the trust received feedback from the inspectors and, where shortcomings were identified, remedial action was taken immediately."

The trust spokeswoman added: "It assessed the trust compliance across the hospital at 90% on average, which is above the target of 85%. No part of the inspected site was below the 85% standard."

Antrim Area Hospital slammed over poor hygiene standards 

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