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North-South relations at risk, says TD

By Lindsay Fergus

The legacy of Brexit will be damaged North-South relations, an Irish politician who was a minister during the talks that led to the Good Friday Agreement has claimed.

Galway West TD Eamon O Cuiv warned that if Brexit occurs, "We would have a legacy in Northern Ireland of worse relationships between the Irish government and the DUP, and between nationalists in the North and the DUP, than we started with".

Mr O Cuiv also criticised the Irish government in the latest edition of The Brexit Club: North and South, a podcast by investigative news and analysis website The Detail.

He described the political situation as "very, very divisive" and added: "The Irish government is not, in my view, as close to the DUP and to official elected unionism as it should be.

"If we forget Brexit for a while but look at the outworking of this, I think we have deepened division, rather than ameliorated division."

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