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'Not a day goes by that I don't think of him'

By Lesley Houston

Today will bring poignant memories for those who were closest to George Best.

Alex Best, who divorced him 18 months before his death, will "spend the day quietly at home" remembering her first love with whom she spent 12 years.

"Every single year that goes past you think: 'Gosh, I can't believe it's another year'. But now it's 10 years it's just really unbelievable," she said. "When a person you love has died, you never forget it. Every year it does get a little bit easier, but it's still very sad.

"And though it gets a bit easier, when you realise it's 10 years it sort of puts you back.

"He was my first love and I spent a major part of my life with him, and of course George would be the love of my life.

"Not a day goes by that I don't think about him, and every single conversation I have George's name crops up one way or another, even now."

Alex is due in Belfast tomorrow for a beauty promotion, but she said her visit was "timely" in that it would also allow her to visit the footballer's grave at Roselawn Cemetery.

For George's first wife, Angie Best, the footballer remains irreplaceable despite their divorce in 1986.

"It's the most heartbreaking thing when you have someone like him who should still be here," said the former model and Playboy bunny, who never remarried after their split.

"He should still be alive - it's just not fair. I think about him every single day, and also because I have the most beautiful son (Calum), who I think looks just like him."

The devoted mother added that when she spoke to her son his famous father was rarely far from their thoughts.

"You can't help but talk about him every day because of who he was, and this will be a moment of sadness for Calum, but he's also sad about his dad every day," she said.

George's only brother Ian told how he planned to spend the poignant day with "his own private memories".

He said: "It's one of those things, every day someone mentions him and you go on to Facebook and there are pictures of him. That's every day.

"Sometimes I think to myself: 'I think I'll give George a ring'. But I can't, because he's not here anymore."

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