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Novelist daughter of Queen tribute star Harry launches children's book

Lucy Hamilton with her book
Lucy Hamilton with her book
Harry Hamilton and daughter Lucy as a baby
Lucy Hamilton with her dad Harry
Harry on stage

By Stephanie Bell

The daughter of well-known Queen tribute artist Harry Hamilton is following in her dad's creative footsteps with the launch of her first children's book.

As well as a budding new author, 21-year-old Lucille Hamilton is a chip off the old block when it comes to singing.

She has become a regular on stage at Flash Harry's sell-out shows and will be opening for the band when they play to a packed audience in the Grand Opera House on Friday.

Lucy, who is studying for a degree in art, humanities and creative writing at the Open University, has just self-published her first book - Grandma GG's Magic Soup Kitchen - on Amazon.

She hopes the fantasy adventure aimed at 7-14 year olds will be just the first of many novels as she focuses on carving out a career as a writer.

She said: "I would love it to be my career and be in my own office writing.

"And who knows, maybe in a few years time I could write an adult novel."

Lucy has been a natural story-teller since she was a young child.

She was 19 when she decided she wanted to have a go at writing, and within a matter of weeks completed her first manuscript.

She added: "The idea for the story just popped into my head one day. I always loved creative writing at school and was always telling stories at home. I'm in touch with my inner child, as I still love watching Disney movies.

"I sat down at my laptop with the idea to see where it would go and it just came out. Within a few weeks I had written a book and I thought this is actually quite good.

"It stayed on my laptop for a while gathering dust because I didn't know what to do with it. Then I decided to take matters into my own hands and self-publish it.

"A friend did the cover and then I had to work out how to format it as an eBook for Amazon."

Lucy launched her book on January 10 and has been promoting it through Facebook and Instagram. Her former school, Kings Park Primary in Lurgan, has invited her along to World Book Day on March 7 to speak to the pupils and share her story. She added: "I've got a few copies printed to bring into the school and I am delighted that an old teacher of mine got in touch to support me."

Grandma GG's Magic Soup Kitchen tells the story of a boy called Logan whose granny is a bit weird and he sets out with a school friend to find out just what it is she does in her kitchen.

Lucy said: "It is a fantasy with a bit of magic in it and crazy things happen to Logan and his friend as they try to figure out what is going on in GG's kitchen."

Lucy has two sisters - Brooke (22), a property surveyor, and Tianna (17), who is studying for A-levels and lives at home with her parents Heather (53) and Harry (54) in Lurgan.

As she dreams of a career as an author, Lucy is also getting ready to take to the stage this week to open for her father, who has been performing shows with his Queen tribute act for 25 years.

She said: "Dad is amazing. We've grown up with him gigging our whole lives and even now after all these years I still get excited going to his concerts.

"He really is such an inspiration and without him I wouldn't get the chance to sing in front of people."

The Flash Harry concert this week in the Grand Opera House sold out so quickly that the band have added another date in May, with tickets already going fast.

Harry is naturally proud of his talented girl.

He said: "It's wonderful that she has published her first book. She has been telling stories since she was no age, even when they didn't make sense, so it is a long time coming.

"Taking it this far is wonderful and it just shows that you need drive to achieve your dreams and publishing a book is not an easy gig.

"Stepping out on stage with us for the first time to a sold-out Grand Opera House wasn't easy either.

"She opened our concert with 1,000 people in the audience and it takes a certain nerve to do that.

"I'm thrilled she will be opening for us this Friday."

You can find out more about Grandma GG's Magic Soup Kitchen by Lucy Hamilton at

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