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Nurse pleads for hit and run info

by Chris McCann

A hit and run driver has crashed into the car of a north Belfast nurse causing thousands of pounds of damage.

Andrea Bell, a district nurse based in the north of the city, was visiting a patient’s house last Thursday when a driver crashed into her Fiat Grande Punto, damaging the driver’s side and breaking off the wing mirror.

The mother of two young children, who is now faced with a £200 insurance excess fee bill, has made a plea for the person behind the smash to come forward.

“All I want is my car fixed; being a district nurse I need my car.

“I’m shocked and hurt by this as I only had the car for 11 weeks, before this happened. I had been excited about getting it,” she said.

“I have two children, a mortgage and am driving a decent car, it’s not easy.

“I’m just very shocked and hurt that someone could be so dishonest. Sometimes you just think everyone is as honest as you.”

The incident meant that one area of south Belfast was without a district nurse for almost two days. Andrea explained: “I had to take a day’s holiday on the Thursday, as the car was unfit to drive. Then, there was no courtesy car available for me on the Friday.

“So, the local community lost out on a district nurse.”

Andrea, who is now driving a courtesy car while her car is repaired, said the financial knock-on effect of the crash would continue into next year.

“Hopefully my insurance will cover this, but there is the excess fee, and this will affect my premium for next year.

“If anyone knows anything about this, I’d be very grateful if they could contact the police.”

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