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Nurse who assaulted police is fined £250

A nurse has been fined for attacking police as they tried to help a man lying unconscious outside a Belfast nightclub.

Nicola Kinghan was aggressive, shouting and swearing at officers dealing with the situation at Bradbury Place.

Her lawyer claimed her behaviour was part of a "drunk and misguided" attempt to help the prone man.

Kinghan (30), of Skegoneill Drive in the city, pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and assault on police.

Belfast Magistrates Court heard she emerged from a crowd outside the M Club on September 15 as police dealt with the injured and unconscious man.

She started shouting abuse and struck out at one officer.

District Judge Fiona Bagnall imposed a 12-month conditional discharge for the disorderly behaviour.

However, she fined Kinghan £250 for the assault and ordered her to pay £75 compensation.

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