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OAP murder accused 'can't remember row'

By Michael Donnelly

A man who cannot remember an altercation with a pensioner found lying in the street has gone on trial for his murder.

Craigavon Crown Court heard that a drunken Jackie Allen (48), who denies any assault on Jim ‘Sunshine’ Heasley (70), claimed “to have no memory of the material events of the night in question” — October 16, 2010.

The pensioner, found in Manor Park, Lisburn, died from head injuries 12 days after he was found lying on a bloodied pavement.

Prosecuting QC David Hunter claimed that Allen, from Ravernet Gardens, Lisburn, had been lying in wait for the pensioner after an earlier argument in a pigeon club.

Judge Mr Justice McLaughlin heard that a drunken Allen was later picked up by two police officers who gave him a lift after seeing him falling into a hedge.

However, Mr Hunter said the evidence — the argument, CCTV footage and forensics — would prove Allen assaulted Mr Heasley “and inflicted that fatal injury”.

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