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Obituary: Prof John Faris - esteemed academic who went off to war

Prof John Faris, who was Professor of Logic and Metaphysics at Queen’s University in the 1970s, has died in hospital. He was 97.

His funeral service will take place at Ardglass Presbyterian Church at 11am tomorrow.

Prof Faris lived at Coney Island and derived much pleasure in retirement from gardening. Even recently he enjoyed a weekly game at Ardglass Golf Club.

John Acheson Faris was born on March 15, 1913 in Caledon, Co Tyrone.

He was educated at the Royal School Dungannon, RBAI and Worcester College, Oxford.

After graduation he became an assistant lecturer in philosophy at Queen’s, but his academic career was interrupted during World War Two when he served with the Royal Artillery. After the war he returned to Queen’s where he spent the rest of his career publishing works on mathematical logic.

He chaired the university’s Faculty of Divinity in its early years. One of his proudest achievements was to be a founding member of the Irish Philosophical Club in 1948.

Prof Faris was involved in a range of voluntary activities including serving on the board of governors of Inst and the Board of the Presbyterian Ministers.

Prof Faris and his wife Mary Josephine Campbell, from the Isle of Bute, a graduate of the Universities of Glasgow and Oxford, met at Queen’s where she had come to teach Latin after the war. They were married in Glasgow in 1947.

Prof Faris is survived by his wife and their four sons George, Neil, John and Paul.


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