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Off-duty local superheroes help foil armed robbery in north Belfast shop

The men who helped foil the robbery usually dress up as superheroes for their work

Two off-duty superheroes sprung into action on Sunday night as they confronted robbers armed with knives in a shop in north Belfast.

It happened at a store on the Ardoyne Road at around 10.45pm.

Two men, one of whom was armed with a knife, entered the store and threatened a male employee before stealing a quantity of cigarettes.

Members of the public intervened as the pair tried to flee - among them were two local men who usually dress up as superheroes for work.

One of them, who did not wish to be named, said: "We (saw) them coming down the alleyway with plastic bags on their feet. We wondered what was going on. The guy with me said he's wearing a balaclava and he started running down towards the shops.

"We (saw) him run in to the shop and ran after him. We crouched below the window. The fella working there came out and he was very calm."

The pair then waited outside and called for help from others who were at the nearby bar, one of whom they said was the "real hero".

I shouted, 'get up here there's an armed robbery'. Eyewitness

"Then I ran straight in and screamed at the fella and he was on the ground and I said 'you better stay on the ground, you are better giving up now'.

"And, as he went to run, the two fellas came in and hit him at the same time and he got knocked out."

He added: "It was quite scary it was six or seven inch blades."

I'm lucky I didn't get hurt. It was just seeing them coming down it was very stupid of them. They had plastic bags on their feet but weren't wearing any gloves. Eyewitness

He added: "The guy who apprehended him is the real hero."

A police spokeswoman said the suspect was located by police a short distance away and was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery. The 22-year-old remains in custody at present. A quantity of stolen cigarettes were also recovered.

Detective Sam McCallum said: “We are appealing for witnesses to this crime to get in touch with police. Please call 101 quoting reference number 1538 18/06/17.”

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