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Officer acted 'oppressively' at 'tailgater'

By Angela Rainey

An off-duty PSNI officer acted "oppressively" when he gave a woman just five minutes to seek legal advice after following her for 20 miles, an investigation has found.

The Police Ombudsman's probe said the officer had spotted the woman allegedly tailgating another driver in Co Down.

After following her, he called at her home to advise her of his concerns, but she had gone on honeymoon, so he left a note asking her to contact him regarding "a driving matter."

In a complaint to the Police Ombudsman's Office, the woman said it caused her considerable concern because she relied on her car for her job.

When interviewed by a Police Ombudsman investigator, the officer accepted that although he considered the woman to have been driving dangerously and feared that she would cause a collision, he had not considered reporting the incident so that immediate action could be taken by police.

An investigator from the Police Ombudsman concluded that the officer had acted oppressively and recommended he be disciplined by PSNI.

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