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Officers probe trio of pipe bombs

Police are investigating three pipe bomb attacks in Antrim.

The third device to have been discovered in the town in two days partially exploded at a house in the Birch Hill Park area.

The explosion caused scorch damage to a window and came after searches uncovered a pipe bomb on the windowsill of house in the Beechfield area of the town.

The first device was found on the windowsill of a house at Fir Grove Lane on Wednesday.

Alliance Antrim Councillor Neil Kelly said residents were living in fear. "The community is worried where the next attack is going occur," he said.

"Nobody wants these attacks, they are a relic of the past. These thugs must get the message that they have no support among the public.

"The devices that they left have the capability to kill or injure several people, so I am only glad that nobody has been hurt by any of the pipe bombs."

Nationalists and republicans were divided on claims the attacks could be linked to loyalists targeting Catholic families.

SDLP South Antrim MLA Thomas Burns said: "We have little idea of what is going on with all these devices except to say that there is no particular reason to regard them as sectarian in intent. But if it carries on someone is inevitably going to get hurt or worse, so we all need to help the police put a stop to it."

Sinn Fein Councillor Annemarie Logue said the attacks were sectarian. "A grouping calling itself the Real UFF has claimed responsibility and these people seem to be motivated by pure sectarian hatred," she said.

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