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Officers withdrawn to aid colleagues

By Eamonn MacDermott

It has emerged that police had to be withdrawn from tackling rampaging youths in a park in Londonderry to go to the aid of their colleagues dealing with a riot in another part of the city.

Police first went to St Columb's Park in the Waterside at around 6pm and confiscated alcohol from young people before moving them on.

Later in the evening after being called again they arrived to be met by more than 100 young people and there were bottles and cans being thrown towards police.

The officers contacted their headquarters because they needed back-up to deal with the situation but were told they had to leave the area to provide reinforcements for colleagues being attacked in the Creggan area of the city.

A DUP councillor has expressed his concern about the impact the good weather is having on the environment within the popular park.

David Ramsey said: "The good weather arrives and once again revellers descend on one of our major assets in the Waterside and party without due respect for residents and people visiting the park.

"After witnessing the mess this morning, Derek Moore from St Columb's Park House and myself were disgusted and very concerned that this could be the beginning of a major issue in this area of shared space."

Mr Ramsey is demanding regular patrols in the area to stop gatherings building to an uncontrollable group.

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