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Oil Club helps bring discounts to locals

By Staff Reporter

A new Community Heating Oil Buying Club in Cregagh heralds an innovative way for everyone in the area to get their home heating oil at better prices.

Those with smaller orders (300 litres) will be able to purchase oil at the same price per litre as the larger orders (900 litres) and enjoy potential savings of between £11 and £35 – based on similar schemes operating in Northern Ireland.

Buying emergency 20 litre oil drums at approximately £21 is the most expensive way to buy oil.

People can save approximately £115 or 38p per litre if you were to order 300 litres direct from an oil supplier rather than buying 15 individual emergency oil drums.

Bryson Energy, part of the Bryson Charitable Group are encouraging householders to prepare their homes for this winter by planning ahead and budgeting to get a fill of home heating oil before the cold snap arrives.

The Cregagh Oil Club has been set up alongside another Oil Club endeavour in east Belfast, set up by members of the local community and the Green Party.

Membership is free and there is no obligation to order, those interested can simply call (Freephone) 0800 1422 867, text mobile 07516 717993 or visit the Bryson Energy website for more information.

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