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Old people urged to arm up with alarms

Over 300,000 older people live in Northern Ireland, with only 8,000 (almost 3%) of them wearing or having a personal alarm.

Personal alarms provide older people with the reassurance |that if anything happens, help is not far away.

Ron Warwick, general manager of Age Concern Enterprises said: “We’ve already had our first taste of cold weather this month, the nights have turned darker, and winter is truly on its way. During this time older people are more susceptible to falls and they feel more vulnerable.

“This year the statistics already show us that emergency services calls are up by 50% over the last |six months. I would encourage those who feel at risk or concerned to consider the benefits of a personal alarm. In Northern Ireland the service handles over 122,000 calls a year.

“This service is helping to enhance the lives of people in later life and making a significant difference, so don’t wait for an incident to happen — get an Age Concern personal alarm today.”

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