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Olympic athletes face Antrim traffic chaos

Antrim council fears Olympic athletes training at its Forum Centre of Excellence will be locked in traffic gridlock if the Roads Service fails to upgrade its road network.

As international squads prepare for the London Games at the Antrim sports ground, civic leaders are frantically lobbying the Roads Service before the traffic gridlock gets “a whole lot worse”, according to the Antrim Guardian.

Commenting on congestion at the junction of the Dublin Road and the Lough Road at Firfields, mayor Paul Michael said: “Traffic is already pretty horrendous there at peak times, but I think we can all see that's only the tip of the iceberg.”

“The Forum is always busy, but with Olympic teams coming here to train there is going to be even more traffic,” he added, with members agreeing to again lobby the Roads Service at the next meeting of the council’s Public Services Committee.

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