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Omagh relatives seeking inquiry

Relatives pressing for a cross-border public inquiry into the Omagh bomb have branded their first meeting with the new Northern Ireland Secretary a disappointment.

Michael Gallagher said it could be next year before they received a final answer on the campaign for a probe from Owen Paterson.

A Real IRA bomb killed 29 people plus unborn twins when it exploded on the crowded main street in August 1998.

Mr Gallagher said: "I felt it was contradictory that he said he was going to consider our case on its own merits but if the outcomes of the Robert Hamill and Rosemary Nelson inquiries were not received well that would reflect badly on our ability to get an inquiry.

"That was very disappointing."

Relatives held a two and a half hour meeting with Mr Paterson.

The Northern Ireland Secretary intends to meet the Irish Government about the matter.


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