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Omagh remembers bombing dead

A special service of remembrance for the victims of the Omagh bomb was held yesterday on the eve of the 13th anniversary.

The car bomb attack, carried out by the Real IRA, killed 29 people and injured hundreds when the explosion ripped through the town on Saturday, August 15, 1998.

The families of the bomb victims gathered in the Memorial Garden in the town yesterday afternoon as they have done since 1998.

Organised by the Omagh Support and Self Help Group, the event was an inter-denominational service of music, verse and prayer.

Michael Gallagher, who lost his 21-year-old son Aiden in the attack, said the annual service “is designed to provide comfort to the bereaved, injured and traumatised families while being uplifting in nature”.

“As always we will be expressing our sympathies with the many victims of terrorist-related atrocities at home and around the world,” he said ahead of the service.

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