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Ombudsman clears police accused of using excessive force against woman

PSNI officers accused of using excessive force against a vulnerable woman have been cleared by the Police Ombudsman.

The police watchdog investigated a complaint from the woman that officers had twice pushed her against a wall to search her, had "goaded" her and had also put her in the back of a police van despite knowing this made her fearful.

The woman had self-harmed before the officers spoke to her and at one point had climbed up onto a fence at the edge of the River Lagan.

Officers at the scene said they were concerned for the woman's safety and wanted to do what was best for her, which involved being firm to ensure the removal of any dangerous items.

They also accompanied the woman in the back of a police Land Rover as she was taken to hospital for treatment.

The Police Ombudsman investigator concluded police had used the minimum level of force necessary to ensure the woman received appropriate treatment.


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