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One Direction fans still waiting for refunds a month after cancelled Belfast show

By Laura Abernethy

Some heartbroken One Direction fans are still waiting for refunds almost a month after a Belfast concert was cancelled.

Many were left disappointed after the band scrapped the show on October 20 because Liam Payne was feeling unwell.

The concert was rescheduled for October 23, with anyone unable to attend entitled to a refund if they returned their tickets to Ticketmaster that day.

However, some fans were still yesterday waiting to be paid back.

Paul Crawford, from west Belfast, said he was still waiting for money back on tickets bought for his daughter and wife.

While they handed their tickets in as they went into the arena, they were handed back a ticket on the way out and told to keep it so they could attend the rescheduled show or apply for a refund.

They were unable to attend the second show, so his daughter took the tickets back to the Ticketmaster outlet in Belfast for a refund, hours before the deadline of 4pm.

Paul said that his daughter was told to take the tickets to the SSE Arena, but because she had to go to work, he said he would do it.

He added the SSE Arena agreed to take them and told him that Ticketmaster would provide a receipt within five working days.

However, as of yesterday, Paul has had no refund. He said he had phoned several helplines but had struggled to speak to anyone. When he did, they said they would call him back, but then nothing happened.

He told this newspaper: "I am becoming increasingly angry about this. I'm just frustrated that there was no response. The information wasn't very clear from the start. My daughter could really do with this money."

Last night, Ticketmaster said a cheque was in the post and that he should receive it within the next few days.

But Paul said: "It's ridiculous that it's taken this long."

Caoimhe Cullen flew home from London to see the show with a friend. As well as the money spent on tickets, she spent £120 on flights for the trip.

When the band cancelled, they sent the tickets via recorded delivery to Ticketmaster.

Since then, she has sent five emails and has left several messages but has had no refund.

Caoimhe said: "I'm annoyed and disappointed. It's not exactly like the boys are short of money."

A spokesperson for Ticketmaster said yesterday: "All customers who have sent their tickets back to head office with their contact details have been refunded.

"There can be some issues with customers who mistakenly provide us with the incorrect details and with cheque payments. Customers can query this if they contact 00353 818 903001."

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