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One Direction: The in tents loyalty of Belfast fans as dozens queue for On The Road Again tour tickets

By Harriet Crawford

Their passion for One Direction is not quite enough to keep fans warm as they camp out for concert tickets in the freezing weather.

But it is enough to keep them in the queue through the cold nights.

Pop-up tents, sleeping bags and steaming hot tea have been keeping devoted fans going as they wait in Belfast for ticket sales to open this morning.

Fans were warned against camping outside the 17 sales outlets in Northern Ireland in the hope of tickets for the band's second visit to the city because of the cold conditions.

Dedicated fans chose to ignore the advice. Tracey McCormick (33) will have spent two nights in the cold in order to get her eight-year-old daughter a ticket to the shows.

She and friend Leanne Harrison (29) barely slept in their camping chairs.

"We know what to expect tonight. It will be worth it for the kids, when you see their wee faces," Tracey said.

Leanne was layered against the cold in two pairs of leggings, jeans, four pairs of socks, two jumpers, a coat and a scarf.

Their group arrived at 7pm on Thursday and had a tent stocked with food, flasks of tea, sleeping bags and more layers to keep them going through the night.

Ethan Alexander (16) insisted that he was braving the cold not for himself, but to buy his sister Alex (7) a ticket as her Christmas present.

"It's cold - I feel like I need a balaclava.

I don't know if I'm going to stay out tonight, I might ask my ma to come out," he said.

One Direction's Harry Styles was "definitely" worth suffering the cold, according to Zoe Buchanan and her daughter Katie (10). The pair were the first in line for tickets. Zoe said: "It was cold on Thursday night but it was bearable. When I get home, I'll be in bed until Sunday! I'll have a hot bath, a cup of tea, and then get in my jammies and go to bed."


One Direction are coming to perform at Belfast's Odyssey Arena on October 20 and 21 - and tickets are expected to sell in record time when they open at 9am today. Their new album Four was released on November 17.

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