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One of two brothers jailed for stabbing attack in Bot pub

By Michael Donnelly

A man who threw bottles during a vicious attack in which a customer was stabbed in the VIP area of the Botanic Inn in Belfast has been jailed.

Daniel Dundon (26) was sentenced to three years' prison, while his teenage brother, Thomas, walked free after being handed a deferred sentence.

During the vicious attack, one of the injured men had his ear bitten and was repeatedly stabbed and kicked in the head while on the ground.

Judge Gordon Kerr QC told Daniel Dundon, who has a previous conviction for violence, that the disparity in sentencing was justified given the age of his then 17-year-old brother, who also has a clear record.

The brothers, from Slievegallion Drive, Andersonstown, admitted two charges of malicious and unlawful wounding in relation to an attack in which three men were hurt in the south Belfast bar on February 1 last year. Thomas Dundon, now 19, also admitted assaulting a third man.

Judge Kerr told Antrim Crown Court that at 17 the younger brother should not have been in the bar, let alone drinking.

While he noted he had been an enthusiastic participant in the attack and that the custody threshold had been passed, Judge Kerr took account of Thomas Dundon's clean record, his history of mental health issues and the fact that he had been the victim of a stabbing himself.

The judge added that because he was dealing with a young offender, he was prepared to take the unusual step of deferring sentence for six months.

Turning to the older brother, Judge Kerr said he was an adult at the time of the offences and must be sentenced as such.

He added that whether or not it was true that the defendant had a bottle thrown at him, his behaviour had been deplorable.

The judge also insisted that there was no doubt the older brother, who was previously given a suspended four-year jail sentence for GBH, used bottles and glasses during the attack.

Sentencing Daniel Dundon, Judge Kerr said the 12 months left on his previous suspended sentence would be made to run consecutively.

It means that he will serve 18 months in custody, followed by a similar period on supervised, licensed parole.

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