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One Summer's Day: Rain, hail and shine... you were just picture perfect

By Linda Stewart

Gone were the sunbaked beaches and shimmering lakes - this year's One Summer's Day competition forced would-be photographers to dig deep as they battled the elements.

Saturday, August 2, the day of the Belfast Telegraph's province-wide competition with the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB), was marked by rain, rumbles of thunder and murky skies.

And these are the three brilliant winning entries that emerged from a seemingly unpromising day.

Mark Oliver's composition captured a moment of deep conversation between Joe Tate and Christopher Connolly as they walked in Tollymore Forest, winning the competition's adult category.

"We got soaked," Mark said. "But it was beautiful because there was almost a mist among the trees with the amount of moisture in the air.

"Joe and Christopher were just walking and talking. I remember spinning round and seeing them walking in a bit of light between the trees, and I was able to catch them in conversation. It's quite natural – they weren't even aware I was taking the photograph."

Meanwhile, Coleraine student Rachel Linton (16) emerged victorious in the secondary school category. She captured a moment of tranquillity – a sunset at Drumaheagles Marina on the River Bann.

Rachel said: "I got a camera for Christmas and got into photography this year. I was out that day and had my camera with me and I happened to take my picture at the right time.

"It was a nice evening – it was dry, the water was very still and you could see the reflection."

Elsewhere, Scott Thompson (8) from Dromara explained how he and his siblings were enjoying a break in the cloudy weather in the garden when he captured an image of his 19-month-old brother Joel.

"I have a wee camera that was my dad's and he gave it to us. I take pictures of my toys, myself and my sister," said the primary school category winner.

"We were all playing outside and the sprinkler was on and my wee brother Joel was running about."

His mum Faith added: "When the sprinkler system went on, everything just descended into chaos! As Scott's little brother ran through it, he just happened to snap him."

Belfast Telegraph picture editor Peter Rainey said it was encouraging that so many people entered despite the washout weather.

"Once again, the quality was very high," he added. "Scott's picture made me smile; Rachel's sunset speaks for itself, and I liked everything about Mark's picture – the lovely black and white tones really added to it."

NITB's destination marketing and PR manager Ruth Burns said: "Once again we are delighted with the quality of the entries, which never cease to amaze us. What the results tell us is that no matter what the weather may bring, Northern Ireland is still a beautiful place to live and visit."

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