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One-way system urged for cyclists in Belfast Ormeau Park


Complaints: Jim Rodgers

Complaints: Jim Rodgers

Complaints: Jim Rodgers

Veteran Belfast councillor Jim Rodgers has called for a one-way system to be introduced in Ormeau Park after he received complaints about cyclists' behaviour.

Mr Rodgers said there are "major problems with people on bikes taking control of the pathways" in the popular south Belfast park and "people out walking have been complaining bitterly".

"I'm calling for the council to seriously consider having a one-way traffic system introduced," he said.

"Cyclists must ride more carefully and give consideration to others.

"They're riding alongside each other, ringing their bells and pumping their horns so lots of people are getting fed up with it because they can't walk through the park in peace."

He added: "We need to look at this and see what can be done about it."

A council spokeswoman said it is currently trying out a one-way system in Victoria Park with a view to extending the scheme to other locations.

"Based on outcomes, we may explore how this might work in other parks. However, this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, as each park would require separate review due to individual logistical considerations, such as number of pedestrian gates and the size of the area," she said.

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