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One-fifth of NI people would vote for united Ireland: poll

By Staff Reporter

A new survey suggests that 55% of people in Northern Ireland would prefer to remain in the UK.

The Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey also indicated that just 22% would vote for a united Ireland.

A further 12% wouldn't vote and 10% didn't know.

Around twice as many pensioners (67%) want to stay in the UK compared to people aged 18-24 (33%), the poll suggested.

Support for a united Ireland was highest in the youngest age bracket of 18-24 (29%), and lowest in the 65+ category (17%).

Just 2% of Protestants would vote for a united Ireland, compared to just under half (49%) of Catholics.

A quarter of Catholics (25%) want to stay in the UK, compared to 85% of Protestants.

The survey also found that a third of those questioned (33%) believed that Brexit made a united Ireland more likely, while 9% thought it made it less likely.

However, 43% thought it made no difference.

Some 32% of people polled identified as unionist and 21% as nationalists, while 45% said they were neither.

Last week, a poll for the BBC suggested that 45% would vote for Northern Ireland to stay in the UK and 42% for a united Ireland.

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