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Online comments leave family of brave cancer boy Oscar Knox 'sad and angry'

The family of cancer sufferer 'Wee Oscar' Knox have expressed hurt and anger after reading online comments saying their ill young son is "not the only child in NI with cancer".

Leona Knox said she was "(briefly) sad" while her husband, Stephen was "(briefly) angry" following negative online comments about the family's awareness campaign.

Last Thursday night, Oscar's family revealed online the four-year-old is once again beginning his fight with cancer – which is "spreading rapidly".

He had previously been given the all-clear after a very public battle supported by celebrities such as Olympic boxers Paddy Barnes and Michael Conlan, and the Celtic Football Club.

A post following the heartbreaking news and his first dose of chemotherapy, wanted to "set the record straight" about the family's neuroblastoma crusade.

"I was (briefly) sad while Stephen was (briefly) angry, as we learned of negative comments being posted online about how we don't spend enough time focusing on Oscar, use our son's illness to seek attention, and take advantage of people's good nature...

"However we quickly realised that nothing can hurt us more than the words 'new disease' we heard, despite how much love they were delivered to us with last week."

The mum-of-two replied to say they didn't feel the need to justify their actions of sparking a widespread support network.

"But I do want to get this off my chest," she said.

"We started this blog, and our Twitter page, initially to update family and friends about Oscar's progress.

"It must have been a fascinating insight into what incredible children like Oscar, dozens and dozens of them here in NI just like him, face as they battle cancer.

"Hundreds, then thousands, of people began to follow. We shared the highs and lows, and lots of powerful pictures, to tell his story.

"We are well aware that he is 'not the only child in NI with cancer', we have become close friends with many of those other families who quietly deal with this heartache every minute of every day.

"It is not our place to tell their stories, we tell Oscar's story, and are as proud of him and everything he has achieved as any parent could be.

"The desperate need to fund raise, which we have explained in minute detail throughout our campaign, forced us to use every avenue we could to raise £250,000."

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