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Orange Order chief brands dissident terrorists as ‘Roman Catholic IRA’

By David Gordon

Orange Order head Robert Saulters has claimed dissident republican groupings are just “fancy names” for the “Roman Catholic IRA”.

Mr Saulters also alleged that “dirty dealing” is leading to Northern Ireland Electricity being “taken over by the Southern Government's counterpart”.

And in a further attack, the Orange Grand Master stated that the initials of the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) should stand for the “Protestant Prosecution Service”.

Mr Saulters made his outspoken comments in a column for this month's edition of The Orange Standard newspaper.

He hit out at “do-gooders” putting “their two-pence halfpenny worth into parading”, adding: “Surely we have learned something from the Claudy bombing, the Omagh bombing and all the other atrocities, these fancy names of dissident, real, eirigi, they are all the Roman Catholic IRA and let us not forget that.”

His column also referred to the war in Afghanistan, making an apparent link to the power-sharing executive at Stormont.

“No doubt it will be in the minds of the American and British governments to bring the terrorists in from the cold and offer them monetary payments as politicians to rule their country!” he stated.

On the subject of “illegal republican parades”, Mr Saulters wrote about “faceless people deciding who should be prosecuted and who should not”.

He further said: “we all know what PPS stands for — Protestant Prosecution Service — they are never behind the door in handing out prosecutions to the Protestant people.”

A PPS spokesperson said: “Decisions for prosecution are on the basis of the Test for Prosecution and issues as to the religious background of a potential defendant do not form any part of the decision making process.”

The Grand Master's article also lambasted the planned sale of Northern Ireland Electricity by its Bahrain bank owners to ESB, the Republic's state-owned power company.

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