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Orange Order chief condemns violence in north Belfast

By Staff reporter

The Orange Order has condemned loyalist violence in north Belfast on Monday in which 20 PSNI officers were injured.

Grand Secretary Drew Nelson told UTV the Order didn't expect such a crowd at the flashpoint.

Loyalists rioted near the Ardoyne interface as police enforced a Parades Commission ruling to prevent Orangemen passing.

"They in some way feel they are doing something on our behalf, engaging in violence. I want to say to those people 'we utterly reject that'," said Mr Nelson.

He also said the behaviour of a band which broke a Parades Commission ruling not to play music outside St Patrick's Church in Donegall Street was unacceptable.

Finaghy True Blues was the only band that breached the ruling at a city centre spot where trouble has flared in the past.

"The determination was wrong but equally the way the band reacted to that determination was also wrong, and the behaviour of that band in appearing to dance in some sort of celebration after they had broken the determination was totally unacceptable," Mr Nelson told the BBC. "There will be a review of what happened and I imagine that there will be some sort of internal process by Sandy Row District."

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