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Orange Order Christmas cards: Penguins pictured marching at Twaddell flashpoint in seasonal parody cards

By Claire Williamson

It's the Orange Order march of the penguins at Twaddell.

The Orange Order has unveiled its annual Christmas cards and this year they have parodied the north Belfast parade dispute.

The humorous cards feature marching penquins donning Orange collarettes being stopped at the Twaddell impasse by police Land Rovers - while holding the banner Let Them Home.

Meanwhile Santa and his reindeer fly overhead.

In the background, the Twaddell Avenue caravan can be seen where nightly protests have been taking place at the camp set up at the interface since last July.

It came following the Parades Commission decision to refuse an Orange Order march from passing by the stretch of the Crumlin Road that separates unionist and nationalist areas.

Last year's cards featured penguins staging a protest complete with Union and Ulster flags at the North Pole Town Hall.

Grand Lodge director of services Dr David Hume said the cards provided a "humorous aspect to something which is very significant to the Orange Institution. "

He said: "Last year the protest penguins were a major success, with cards featuring them sold out. The protest penguins, you might say, have become something of an institution in their own right and they clearly have a big following within the Orange Institution.

“This year we wanted to remind people that the lodges from Ligoniel are still being prevented from walking home and we expect that these cards will be dropping through many doors both at home and abroad.

“One thing which Northern Ireland people share is a sense of humour and we know that these cards are bought not only by Orangemen and their families.”

He added: “It would be good if we could translate some seasonal goodwill to allowing recognition of the Orange tradition through accepting the parade back to Ligoniel. After all it would only take a few minutes of tolerance.”

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