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Orange to march in Edinburgh just days before Scottish independence referendum

By Staff Reporter

A leading member of the Orange Order has said the organisation's members will participate in a march in Edinburgh just days before the Scottish referendum.

Dr David Hume, director of services at the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, said: "We want Scotland to remain with us as part of the United Kingdom because we believe we have a better future together that way.

"We hope the campaign for an independent Scotland does not succeed. We hope the people of Scotland say No to the proposal.

"The Union would be the poorer if Scotland were to leave the Union, and Scotland would be the poorer."

Earlier this year DUP MP Ian Paisley jnr said a Yes vote would drive a wedge between people in Northern Ireland and encourage republicanism.

Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has also warned it is an issue which could be used to create divisions in the power-sharing Government.

After 30 years of sectarian conflict, Northern Ireland has cemented a peace process which saw gunmen lay down arms and former sworn enemies enter into Government together.

Yet disagreement over issues such as controversial parades, Irish or British flags and dealing with the toxic legacy of Troubles deaths has polarised some within the two communities.

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