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Orangemen's parade bid banned again

Orangemen have again been banned from parading along a contentious stretch of road in Northern Ireland.

The Parades Commission adjudication body rejected two separate proposals by Orange Order members in Belfast to march past the nationalist Ardoyne area in the north of the city on each of the next two Saturdays.

There were five successive nights of loyalist violence after a number of Orange lodges were first prevented from parading the route at the end of traditional Twelfth of July Orange Order commemorations earlier this month.

A ban on a second application to parade past Ardoyne last weekend resulted in a peaceful protest by Orangemen and their supporters on the Woodvale Road. It is there where the Orangemen and their supporters have been stopped by police from continuing forward on to the Crumlin Road at the Ardoyne.

More protests are expected this weekend.

Orangemen have vowed to keep applying for permission to march the route until they are successful, insisting the original parade will not be deemed to be finished until the route is complete.

The latest Parades Commission determinations stated concerns that if the parades were allowed to proceed the entirety of their routes there would be an "adverse effect on community relations and a potential for public disorder".

Last year, republicans rioted in Ardoyne when the Orange lodges were permitted to parade on Crumlin Road as they returned from Twelfth events.


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