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Oscar's mum asks for 'prayers and positive thoughts' as battle renewed

By David Whelan

THE family of 'Wee Oscar' Knox say they have been overwhelmed with messages of support since they announced that the four year old is once more battling cancer - less than four months after being told he was disease free.

Little Oscar, who was due to start primary school next month, has suffered a recurrence of the Neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer.

Oscar had been on holiday in Scotland with his parents Stephen and Leona when he developed the symptoms. In her blog to keep supporters informed of the popular little boy's progress Oscar's mother Leona wrote: "Can't believe I'm sitting down to write this piece - I haven't even recorded all the good news and happy times we've had over this past few months."

She wrote that the public support helped the family to get through the emotional hurdle of beginning treatment once more. "It's important for us to draw strength from somewhere, so we can be the strong parents Oscar needs us to be and will him to fight to get better."

His parents were said to be upset after online trolls targeted the family but said the cruel comments were less painful than the shock of hearing that the cancer had returned. "We are well aware than he is 'not the only child in NI with cancer', we have become close friends with many of those other families who quietly deal with this heartache every minute of every day," she wrote.

'Wee Oscar' has become a household name as the family used 'every avenue' they could to raise the £250,000 needed for his treatments.

"Thanks to the incredible and unimaginable love shown to us and Oscar in our hour of need, we now have a lump sum held in his name with the registered charity Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Alliance.

"This will open doors to us in treatment centres around the world IF we can identify a suitable treatment (together with his medical team) for him," she continues.

"At this moment in time, Oscar will receive treatment at hospital in Belfast, and so we have no intentions of/need to fundraise for him. "

She thanked everyone who has offered further donations but urged them to support the NCCA, the Children's Haematology ward in Belfast or the charities NICFC or Clic Sargent which help families like theirs.

"There are always children's cancer groups needing financial assistance, but right now we are not asking anyone for that for Oscar. Thank you - you have bought us the luxury of focusing on his care at this time by showing such incredible generosity last year.

"The most important news of today is that Oscar was in slightly less pain, had his first dose of chemotherapy, and is fast asleep (and snoring!) beside me right now. We will keep you posted on his progress, please keep us in your prayers and positive thoughts."

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