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Our Lady's Grammar pupils who saw leaked A-level questions prior to exam have to sit papers again

By Allan Preston

Pupils in Newry who were able to see A-level questions before sitting an exam have been told they have to resit three papers.

Up to 15 pupils at Our Lady's Grammar School have had their grades cancelled after one shared questions on social media in advance of a test.

The questions are believed to have been from an A-level sociology exam set by the AQA board.

A source told the Belfast Telegraph that the "cheating" was exposed when one of the other students let it slip to her mother - who is on the exam-marking board - and she informed the school.

A source close to the school said: "Pupils say there were irregularities on only one out of three papers of the exam.

"But AQA have cancelled the results for all three. So students are questioning why they now have to resit all three."

He said the leaked questions were shared on social media by a student who had sat the test earlier due to a scheduling clash.

"Although her phone was confiscated before the test, she had sneaked another phone in to take pictures of the questions, sharing them with other students on social media," he said.

In a statement to the BBC, the school said: "We regret to say that there was an incident involving some of our students in relation to one of this year's A2 examinations."

it added that the students had been sanctioned in line with procedures with the exam boards, and there was no suggestion of bad practice from the school.

"We in Our Lady's prize our deserved reputation for integrity," the school added.

"We also know the importance of care and compassion in times of difficulty and will offer support as needed to the young women involved, all of whose school careers up to this point were without blemish."

The source said this was disputed by the students.

"The school have said they are willing to offer help and acceptance, but whenever they went to the school they were told: 'Tough, you deserve what you get', which is completely contradictory, it's damage limitation," he said.

He added the students had been barred from discussing the whole incident on social media.

The AQA told the BBC: "No one taking our exams should have an unfair advantage, so we thoroughly investigate accusations of cheating and take action when there's clear evidence against specific individuals.

"Our advice to any student who receives supposedly leaked details about an exam is to report it to a teacher straight away."

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