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'Our politicians are behaving like children'

The Belfast Telegraph's Joanne Sweeney visits the city centre yesterday to find out what shoppers think of the latest political crisis at Stormont and their opinions of our politicians.

Fionnuala McGill (18) is a student from Belfast. "We should care about what happens with the government of our country. Our politicians are being silly and childlike. They are meant to be grown-up men and women who can work together to sort things out, but they can't even do that."

Ryan Bell (34) is a designer from Greenisland. "I should care about what happens at Stormont, but I try and avoid all news as it's too depressing. Based on the state of the country and the snippets of scandals you hear about, I would say that our politicians are all pretty dreadful."

Jay Nobel (23) is unemployed and from Belfast. "I'm not really aware of what's happening at Stormont. The Ulster University is cutting a lot of courses and that's just bad for the whole economy. They need to focus on things like that."

Anne Porter (59) is unemployed and lives in Newtownabbey. "What happens in Stormont is of absolutely no interest to me, as I stopped watching the news years ago. It seems to me that our politicians never tell the truth. So no matter what happens, it won't bother me."

Paul Griffith (56) is unemployed and from Belfast. "We can't go back to the way things were. I want it to be safe for my son, who's a chef in Manchester, to visit home. Our politicians seem to always find excuses not to work with one another or deal with the welfare issue."

Paddy Doyle (28) is a youth worker from Belfast.

"The less people care what's happening, the more they (politicians) get away with. I work with young people and they would be more responsible than the majority of our politicians."

Anne McAleese (68) is unemployed and from Belfast. "I thought with the peace process that things were going to turn out better for Belfast. But it's not. I'm absolutely disgusted with our politicians. I haven't a good word to say about every single one of them."

David Scott (20) is unemployed and from Castlereagh. "I really don't understand the situation so I don't take an interest. In my honest opinion, I think it's all corrupt and take nothing to do with it."

Stephen Cooper (22), from Ballygowan is a part-time student.

"It's really stupid. It's bad for Northern Ireland when we should be looking forward. It's everyday people who make things happen here. Our politicians just stand and get their photographs taken."

Dolores Smyth (63) is a retired psychiatric nurse from Crossgar.

"I'm worried as I love the way that things have been so good and I'd hate to think that this would wreck it. I'm confused about it all, as I don't how many of our politicians are just acting."

David Kennedy (59) is an electrician from Lisburn.

"It's important to care what's happening in our country, but politicians are all just clowns and Muppets."

John Kerr (40) works in sales and is from Belfast.

"I'm not interested in what happens at Stormont. It's all just a bluff anyway. It (Stormont) won't come crashing down. If it was going to happen, it would have happened before this."

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